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Welcome to your Yoga Teacher Training through David Gramling Yoga & Crafts LLC provided through Strategic Arts & Wellness. This site is a place for yoga students, many of whom are interested in learning either how to instruct or teach yoga. It is hoped that this site can help, in some small way, those who are looking for answers. These answers are meant to be useful no matter what style or type of yoga you practice. On this website you’ll find exercises for yoga students of all levels, from early beginners to advanced practitioners and instructors. It has been created with the purpose to make people aware of the importance of Yoga and inspire them to stick to it in their day to day living.

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I’m glad you have decided to take your yoga journey with Strategic Arts and Wellness. This site has a wealth of information to assist you on your yoga quest. Take a look around and see what we offer. Here you will find all you need to know about yoga. This website has been created taking into consideration beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga student. The website is called “for yoga students” because it is for any kind of yoga student and not just a specific one. This website is intended for yoga students who enjoy reading about their yoga mat practice, hearing about new discoveries of the mind, body and spirit, and discussing life philosophy. You may read about yoga mat practice here on a blog style format or directly on a video format over at youtube. This website is dedicated to all yoga practitioners and enthusiasts interested in learning the various styles of traditional yoga such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hot Karma, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Hatha Yoga, Integral Yoga, Tantric Yoga. I have attempted here to create a comprehensive educational resource which will help you learn the different aspects of Yoga, including its philosophical and spiritual underpinnings.

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Thank you for joining the Yoga School. I am very happy that you chose to do your yoga certification with us. Strategic Arts & Wellness is a new style of yoga school. Being a part of Strategic Arts family, we will help you to grow with us from beginner to professional. By joining this our community, you have the opportunity to create a deeper bond with your yoga practice and also develop your craft as a yoga teacher. This ‘Yoga School’ has been established by professionals who have studied and practiced different styles of yoga for more than 20 years in India, USA. The Strategic Arts & Wellness School is a unique yoga school, it is not only for Yoga Students. It is strategic management, entrepreneurship and wellness in Health and Physical Education. Promotion of yoga is our mission. We aim at a higher purpose, developing human souls through yoga.

Dr. David Gramling PhD
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This yoga training will transform your body with physical strength, and ideals. Yoga is the continuous cycle of building and breaking down the body. The body is being built from day one students walk in to their very first class. It’s an amazing experience to be a yoga teacher. When you start teaching classes, you suddenly see all the things you have gained by studying yoga for years: greater flexibility, more stamina, better focus, clarity of thought. Being a yoga student helps you be a great teacher. I know something that will make you happy. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 23 years and have worked with world-class yoga teachers. As a yoga teacher, you must not only know the demands of your own body but how to work with the bodies of others. Just as you bend the physical body into different shapes, so use yourself as a model for others to follow and straighten their bodies. Consider the humble beginnings of modern yoga: a small group of educated Indians meeting together for their own physical and spiritual benefit. These beginnings were humble indeed, but they were the direct result of many years of political turmoil. The visionaries who founded this group had been denied access to earlier forms of yoga study due to political restrictions that prevented travel outside the area where they lived. As a result, the founders of this new form asked for their yoga to be simple and practical, accessible to all people regardless of background or beliefs.

I wish you well on your journey and remember this is your training, done for you; we are always here for you.

Be well, and have fun!