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Hi! Please take some time to stay in touch with us and let us know how your most recent module review went via our Progress Checker. There is no wrong answer, this is just a way we can stay in communication on successes, and trouble spots together, and plan out how our zoom reviews will go so we can answer any needed questions.

Success comes from utilizing your building blocks

Instructions and Details: Please answer all questions, to the best of your ability, once you feel you have correctly and fully reviewed a module. (The modules are listed in the syllabus below titled from the letters A-Z). Please return here after each module and complete the assessment each time. Your data is safely stored in a securely locked file on a need-to-know only basis.

Progress Checker: A check on how the content is being absorbed

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This syllabus/outline with modules from A-Z (Stroll down in the syllabus pdf. box to see all modules) will serve as a means of following along in the course, and tracking hours and progress through the 5 educational categories:

Ethics (YPLE)
– 20 hours minimum need to be completed.

Training and
Practice (TTP)
– 75 hours minimum need to be completed.

Anatomy &
Physiology (AP)
– 10 hours minimum need to be completed.

Methodology (TM)
– 15 hours minimum need to be completed.

Practicum (P) – 5 hours minimum need to be completed.


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